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Here is a look at some of our Residency placements

Dr. Kristin Lovvorn

University of Alabama

Birmingham, AL – Psychiatry

Dr. Alexander Nowicki

Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School

Newark New Jersey – Preliminary Year in General Surgery

Dr. Shemele Smith

Howard University Hospital

Washington DC – Family Medicine

15 Years of Medical Education Experience

The WUHS (Belize) was among the first of a growing number of International medical schools to adopt a competency-based curriculum, one that provides students with excellent clinical training balanced by the development of strong interpersonal and professional skills.


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Medical Education in a Great Location

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  • US Medical School Curriculum
  • Low Student-To-Faculty Ratio
  • Highly Credentialed Faculty
  • Early Patient Exposure
  • Affiliated With 32+ Major Teaching Hospitals in US
  • 87% First Time USMLE Pass Rate*


Over 15 Years of Experience

Washington University of Health and Science (Belize) offers Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences curricula which are designed to prepare students for licensure and practice in the US or Canada. Read More…


Our University is proud of its faculty members who, united in a common purpose, are dedicated in their teaching of the next generation of physicians. The size and location of WUHS’s basic medical science campus in San Pedro, Belize contributes to a special atmosphere where faculty and staff are able to concentrate on maintaining the optimum conditions for students to acquire the basic medical knowledge necessary for their clinical experience.
Dr. Lerida Rodriguez
Professor Rodriguez

Dr. Lerida Rodriguez lectures in physiology and histology at the Washington University School of Health and Science.
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Dr. Paul Courtney
Professor Courtney

Dr Paul Courtney, visiting professor to our basic science program in Belize, lectures on medical ethics. After graduating from Manchester University in 1981, Dr Courtney underwent postgraduate clinical training in London and Leeds.
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Dr. Richard Snouffer
Professor Snouffer

Dr. Richard Snouffer, MD. is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. He has practiced Emergency/Urgent Care medicine and Anti Aging medicine for a combined total of almost 20 years.
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Dr. Paul Smith
Professor Smith

Dr. Paul Smith, MD. joined us for the 2016 Fall semester. He is the instructor for Physical Diagnosis, Epidemiology/Biostatistics and Microbiology. Dr. Smith is a native Texan and along with his Doctor of Medicine degree, he is also a licensed chiropractor.
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D. Anil

My name is D. Anil I am a student Of Washington University of Health and Science. I am currently a year 2 student in the Pre-Med program. I joined this institution to complete the MD program and to become a good doctor. So far, my experience her has been awesome. WUHS is one of the best universities I know. They take good care of us and give us support to become successful in life and the best physicians we can be. The staff and teachers are really good, they are experienced, prepared and they love what they do. If we don’t understand something, they won’t leave us until we get it right. They keep challenging our minds with weekly tests for us to become better students. They have all the facilities we need. This island is beyond beautiful you are surrounded by nature making it the perfect learning atmosphere we need. We have neat and clean classrooms with TV’s, WIFI and AC to make our learning environment pleasant. I would choose WUHS all over again if I had to.

Medical Student

Smarty Adbhutha Nidhi

I am Smarty Adbhutha Nidhi. I am attending Washington University of Health and Science and I am really glad to study here. We have many courses to study here. In a short period of time I have learned many things from this school. We do a lot of presentations and assignments and many other things to learn from the subject. In our school we have the best faculty and staff, they guide us in the best way possible. Many of our seniors also gives us great guiding and advice. In our school every person gets the opportunity to explore and express ourselves. I am proud to be a part of WUHS. We also have all the facilities we need. We have enough students and big beautiful lecture halls. Every student gets the attention they need and desire in order to succeed at this university, I love this aspect of WUHS they have allowed me to grow in dimensions I thought didn’t existed I have surpassed what I thought were my capabilities.

Medical Student

Gourav Aggarwal

Hi my name is Gourav Aggarwal studying at Washington University of Health and Science (WUHS) pursuing MD program. Presently, I am an MD2 student and I started my studies in this university from PMD1. Its been fun studying in this university so far as there are many r=things to explore. I got accepted to WUHS in September 2018 and started with the premedical program. Up to now my journey with the university has been pretty good. We have spacious well-ventilated classrooms. Faculty and staff interact with us students in a very pleasant manner. The instructors are very approachable and friendly with students. One of the best parts of the learning here is that they don’t just teach you theoretically but incorporate really good visuals as well. Also, my university offers an excellent platform for our daily learning. We also have anatomy and histology labs that are well equipped with cadavers and microscopic slides. The atmosphere of the island helps you even more to get into your studies. My journey with WUHS has been really good until now and I hope for the same in the future.

Medical Student

Arpit Bisht

Hi my name is Arpit Bisht currently a PMD2 student at Washington University of Health and Science located in San Pedro, Belize. Here I am getting all the preparation to become a doctor. The university is very nice it has a very good infrastructure, and really good and experienced teachers and staff. They are always so kind to us. We are always getting a lot of opportunities to express myself in a better way. The natives are so nice and friendly even the atmosphere here is so pleasing that helps to tranquilize me and put me in the best mood. The labs are well maintained and hygienic specially the anatomy lab containing good specimen of cadavers where students can do procedures and gain knowledge to succeed in the USMLE.

D. Rohith Reddy

I am D. Rohith Reddy student from Washington University of Health and science. Currently I am a year 2 student in the premedical program. The classes are going in a scheduled manner. The lecturers are co-operating with us sincerely and strictly. The school is improving day by day in studies, discipline etc. The school staff and faculty are all doing their best for the school. Here, a lot of students are coming form from different countries to become very good doctors. By studying with this people, we are getting some knowledge form them and improving our skills. This island is very nice whether conditions many tourists come from all over the world. The people here are friendly and united. This school is better when compared to other schools because everything they are providing us with. Every semester we have good meetings and orientations with the school president and vice-president who always provides for our needs. I am sure I will become a good doctor because of all the good instructors, staff and learning material we have here. I could proudly say WUHS is the best school in Central America.

Medical Student

Arun Kumar

Hi, my name is Arun Kumar, presently studying at WUHS. Currently I am a second-year student in the MD program. I have been part of this university since September 2018 when I started as a Premed student. I like the atmosphere of my university, our instructors are very friendly and class sizes are perfect to have that student-teacher interaction, we learn something new every day. The university is well equipped with quality books from our peacefully library. The cadavers and microscopic slides from our anatomy and histology labs are great tools for visual learners. The staff of WUHS is of very helping nature as I got assistance in any concern I faced during my journey in the university. WUHS is operating in such a beautiful island which gives a perfect atmosphere to study and grab the knowledge all around. Moreover, I love this university and hope for the best with my remaining time with this university.

Medical Student
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