Executive Vice President – COO

During Peggy Allen’s tenure as Executive Vice President – COO, Washington University of Health and Sciences has been locally and internationally recognized as a top medical education program for its outstanding Basic Science and Clinical Science curriculum. Graduates of WUHS are successful in securing residency within the United States and Canada due to the high yield USMLE curriculum program presented under her direction.  Ms. Allen has established a smooth transition approach for the WUHS students successfully completing the Basic Science requirements and entering into their third and fourth year of clinical clerkships within the WUHS contracted teaching hospitals.

Executive Vice President-COO Peggy Allen has established herself as a leader for the medical school program development, especially related to high-technology and biosciences. She has focused on partnering university research—which under her leadership has more than doubled with corporate and entrepreneurial partnerships worldwide.
Ms. Allen has been a powerful force in the community and has been a catalyst for economic development through Washington University of Health and Sciences collaboration with local businesses and the Belize Government.
Executive Vice President Peggy Allen has been recognized for her efforts to build a recognized medical school program in the region and abroad.

Prior to joining WUHS, Peggy Allen served as Executive Vice President-COO of Academic Affairs for Med Serve International. She holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Baldwin-Wallace University in Berea Ohio and a Master’s of Arts Degree in Education and Educational Technology from the same respected university.