Upcoming Changes to ECFMG’s Policy on Transfer Credits for ECFMG Certification

The ECFMG Board of Trustees recently approved changes to ECFMG’s policy on transfer credits for the purpose of ECFMG Certification. The new transfer credit policy will be effective when ECFMG’s 2020 Information Booklet and the 2020 exam application materials are published on the ECFMG website, which is expected in late August. As a courtesy and for your planning purposes, we wanted to notify you in advance about the upcoming changes to the transfer credit policy.

Once the new policy is in effect, for the purpose of ECFMG Certification, credits that are transferred to the medical school that awarded or will award the final medical degree must meet all of the following criteria:

  • All credits must have been transferred from a medical school that is either:
    • located in the United States or Canada and listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, or
    • listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools as meeting ECFMG eligibility requirements.
  • Credits must be for courses that were passed at the medical school at which the course was taken.
  • Credits may only be transferred from one medical school to the medical school which awards the final degree.

Please note: The requirement that credits must be transferred from a medical school that meets the criteria above does not apply to credits transferred only to the pre-medical portion of the curriculum of the medical school that awarded or will award the medical degree.

If transferred credits do not comply with all the criteria listed above, the applicant will not meet the requirements to be registered by ECFMG for examination or the requirements to be certified by ECFMG. Transfer credits that ECFMG reviewed and deemed to have met requirements for ECFMG Certification prior to the effective date of the new policy will remain acceptable, and these applicants will be allowed to proceed with Certification and the examinations leading to Certification. All future transfer activity will be subject to the new policy.

As mentioned above, ECFMG expects to publish the 2020 Information Booklet on ECFMG Certification, which includes the new transfer credit policy, and 2020 exam application materials to its website in late August.


Updated August 6, 2019