Student Supportive Services

The mission of Student Support Services is to facilitate a supportive environment for academic success and personal enrichment through proactive and individualized services available to a student from their first semester through graduation. WUHS (Belize) students are challenged to take charge of their learning and develop skills that will enable them to enhance their lives and become well-rounded citizens . SSS staff initiates and develops partnerships with students that are academically based and strive to lead students down a path towards cultural growth and awareness.


  1. Currently enrolled at WUHS (Belize)
  2. Our project participants are students who meet at least one of the following criteria:
    1. First generation (neither parent has completed a degree at a 4-year college or university)
    2. Low-income backgroun Documented physical, emotional, or learning disability
    3. Demonstrate Academic Need for program services
    4. Currently enrolled at WUHS (Belize)

Services Provided

The SSS program provides assistance and services, such as study skills, personal counseling, academic advice and assistance, tutoring, cultural events, academic workshops, career services, activities designed to foster enrollment in graduate programs, study lab, computer lab, and, if requested, mentoring involving faculty or upper classmen. SSS may also offer these and other services to students with limited English proficiency. Additional services may be offered when requested by participants or when related to improving the persistence, retention, and graduation rates of program participants.

Cost of Program Participation

There is no cost to students who qualify. Students who actively and fully participate and complete all program requirements will be eligible to apply for supplemental financial grant aid. The SSS Director and Program Coordinator can provide prospective students with more details.

Federal Requirements

Two-thirds of the students served by the WUHS (Belize) Student Support Services program must be low-income individuals who are also first-generation college students or students with disabilities. The remaining students served are either low-income or first-generation students or students with disabilities. At least one-third of the individuals with disabilities must be low-income individuals. Each student served through the WUHS (Belize) SSS program must provide documentation to verify his or her eligibility status. This information may be

  1. a signed statement from the parent or guardian of a dependent student regarding family income;
  2. verification of family income from another government source;
  3. a signed financial aid application; or
  4. a signed income tax statement.

If the student is applying as an independent student, his or her own personal records will verify eligibility status.

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