Name: Neerajreddy dhanireddy
Position: WUHS President

BIO: Hi my name is Neerajreddy dhanireddy, I am an MD 2 student. Medicine is my  dream since my childhood. I am a dedicated medical student working towards achieving my dream to be a doctor. While doing that I am also serving as SGA president.apart from these I am a professional cricket player and it  helps me to get refreshed and do well in my studies. I thoroughly enjoying my experience and exposure here at WUHS and believes that i can achieve my dream while growing as a person with the experience I am getting by being a part of SGA.


Name: Gubachan singh
Position: WUHS Vice-President

BIO: Hello my name is Gubachan singh. I am MD2 (vice president in SGA) student in washington university of health and science.i came from india to make a medical carrer. For came in this profession i am inspired from my uncle. i am also being a good and hard worker like him.for this goal i choose wuhs to help me to achive my dreams in reality to become a doctor.


Name: Vishwas Punia
Position: WUHS SGA Treasurer


Vishwas Punia is a second-year medical student at Washington University of health and sciences, he has done his pre-medical from Washington University of Barbados. He is excited to serve as Treasurer for WUHS-SGA this year. Where he schedules finance meetings and answers questions about the grant process. Vishwas focused on projects that sought to promote shared economy, environmental sustainability, and improve mental health accessibility on WUHS campus. He can be seen either playing Fortnite or diving into ocean of San Pedro depending on the vibe of the day. He is always open to feedback and concerns, so feel free to reach out to him– he would love to hear your thoughts!


Name: Ruchir Choudhary
Position:  SGA Secretary

BIO: Mr. Ruchir Choudhary is a sophomore from India, who did his Pre-Med from one of the Caribbean Medical School before joining WUHS. He is currently serving as General Secretary of WUHS Student Government Association. He is excited to continue bringing unwavering energy and passion to support members of our campus in navigating the complexities of WUHS, uplift student voices, and create tangible change! and is looking forward to increasing transparency and coordination in all proceedings of the WUHS, as well as in creating spaces across campus where students can show up for each other with a sense of urgency. In his free time, he enjoys swimming at beautiful beaches of San Pedro and playing Video Games.  If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk, he is just a (+91 77930 47378) phone call away!


Name: Natasha Amin
Position: Class Rep for MD4

BIO: MD SGA Class representative Ms. Natasha Amin is a career oriented, enthusiastic second year medical student. Upon commencing her first job in a pediatric medical clinic at the age of 15, she was sure she had found her true calling: the practice of medicine. Following her graduation from high school, Ms. Amin went on to Oakland University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and MA certification. Subsequently, Ms. Amin obtained a position at an In-Patient Neuro-Rehabilitation Center prior to enrolling in medical school. Ms. Amin is determined, diligent, and passionate about learning and exploring every opportunity in all fields of medicine.

Washington university healt of sciences

Name: Shivam Sharma
Position: WUHS Pre-Md 3 Class Rep

BIO: Hi , I am shivam Sharma , class representative from PMD-3 in Washington University of health and sciences, Belize I am from India. As first , I wanted to server people at my best so I chose my field as medicine to make my parents and country proud .I like to sing , I performed many activities in oratory field to getting the problems of other so that I can do something for themself and here I am in the university which I like the most.  I am proud of myself , proud of my university .

Name: Gourav Aggarwal
Position: WUHS Class Rep MD 2

BIO: Hello, this is Gourav Aggarwal ( CR MD 2). I am from India and started my WUHS journey in September 2018. I come from a very town named Jammu in India. I completed my higher studies there itself and after my higher studies, i wanted to pursue the medicine field as my career and came across Washington University of Health and Sciences (WUHS) whose curriculum made me stuck to it. I wanted to study medicine because there is a huge shortage of doctors in the world and i want to serve the people. I want to be the class representative of our class because many students in our class face issues in communicating their problems to administration and i want to help those students to make a good communication between them and administration.

Name: Rahul Chaurasiya
Position: WUHS Class Rep PMD 2

BIO: I’m from Uttar Pradesh, India. I want to be a good doctor and that is why I came to medicine. I like this profession because there is a huge respect of people towards the doctors as they are call the second god as well. I want to serve the people, serve my country as a professional doctor. I wanted to be the CR of PMD 2 because I wanted to gain experience of being a SGA member and try to help students.

Name: Nitin Kumar
Position: WUHS Class Rep MD 1

BIO: Hi, this is Nitin Kumar and I am from Rajasthan, India. I wanted to take the medicine field because I was very passionate about learning more of medicine field. I wanted to be the class representative for MD 1 because I wanted to have some experience about serving the student government and the students studying in MD 1.

Name: Devika P. Jayan
Position: WUHS Class Rep MD 3

BIO: I am student form India. Currently in MD3. For me medicine is not just a profession, it is a passion and the only thing I wanted to do. Becomeing a good doctor and a researcher is my ultimate ambition. And I believe that I have enough potential to achieve everything I want. As all of us know, studying medicine and being a medical student is not an easy task. Sometimes I feel like 100% dedication is also less. Only hard-work can do wonders here! and being a class representative is another great experience of mine in this medical school. I enjoy fulfilling my responsibilities as a class representative and cause of this duty. I am getting more chances to interact with my fellow classmates and also with my professors it helped me to strengthen my bond with them.

Name: Harika
Position: WUHS Class Rep PMD 1

BIO: I’m 18. Why I chose Medicine : I’ve always wanted to be a Doctor cause they are the Superheroes world needs and I want to be one. However I didn’t do well in my entrance exam. Then Medicine chose me to do it in Washington University 

Why I chose to be a CR : To just be a bridge between my classmates and the administration and be the voice for my fellows.