Residency Match

Margarita Toufeili

WUHS Graduate 2020 – Internal Medicine -St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital – Pontiac, Michigan

My name is Margarita, and I have just recently graduated from Washington University of Health and Science and matched to a residency in Internal Medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan!

I discovered my passion for the sciences from a very young age, diving deep into the worlds of ornithology and entomology prior to beginning my journey in medicine. Although I thoroughly enjoyed working with all forms of life, it was not until I was working in a lab with Gromphadorhina portentosa, the Madagascar hissing cockroach, that I realized I wanted a much more direct role in medicine.

Walking off the plane in Belize and entering the classroom for my first day of medical school, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. There is a plethora of opportunity present on the island of San Pedro to develop the skills necessary to be a good physician. Whether it was working with practitioners in the polyclinic, conducting nutritional assessments with the public schools or building connections with the local community by participating in health fairs and events, all opportunities ultimately increase your chance for success in the USMLE steps and clerkships.

I had the opportunity to complete my clerkships in a variety of different states including Michigan, Illinois, Arizona, and Georgia. This allowed me to develop connections with a variety of medical professionals and to experience how the art of medicine varies by state. I also had the opportunity to engage in roles within the student government association and assisting professors, which have shaped me into the physician I would like to be. Ultimately, with a lot of hard work, perseverance, and passion, matching to your top choice becomes a reality!

Mahmudur Rahman

WUHS Graduate 2014 – Family Medicine – Battlecreek, Michigan

Mahmudur Rahman is a resident physician with the Family Medicine Residency Program in Michigan. He completed his undergraduate degree at St. Joseph’s College in NY studying Chemistry, then went to medical school at Washington University of Health and Science.  During his time in medical school he worked extensively on clinical research, tutoring medical students and volunteering in underserved communities to raise awareness about preventative care. Dr Rahman has a strong interest in quality improvement research, medical education and serving underserved communities.

John Amerhom

WUHS Graduate 2020 – Internal Medicine Residency – Eisenhower Medical Center – California

I will never forget my father’s waiting room, overflowing with patients, among them many who could not possibly afford treatment, and none who would not be afforded equal dignity. As I came soon to learn, my father was far more than a physician; he was a bastion of a surety that anchored our community, one who himself was anchored by the long-lasting support of another doctor, my mother. She, while he saw patients would manage the crowded daily schedule, talk warmly and caringly with patients as they waited—as well as any time she ran into them on the street—and return home after work with a joyful, enthusiastic attitude. As a child, I was devoted to them and to following the path in life they embodied for me, one of dedication to family, patients, and a career in service to others. After medical school in Egypt, I served as a family medicine doctor in urban areas near my hometown. In that beautiful part of upper Egypt, I saw my patients as members of my extended family, and often volunteered to provide free medical services to underprivileged and undereducated members of the community.

In 2019, I joined WUHS medical school as an MD 6 transfer student. In completing core clinical rotations and receiving medical training in U.S. teaching facilities, I am beyond thrilled with the opportunity it has given me to work with gifted physicians, gain invaluable knowledge and further develop my U.S. clinical experience. Upon applying to the match for the first time, I matched to Internal Medicine Residency at Eisenhower Medical Center in California. Motivated by my dedication to serve my family, patients, and community, I endeavor to use my years of experience daily in service to others. With an open mind to knowledge and innovation, I am keen on taking the next step in my career by receiving world-class training in such a wonderful institution and learning from brilliant and dedicated minds as we provide care to our patients

Katelyn Sainz-Marchand

WUHS Graduate 2019 – General Surgery – University of Arizona – Banner University, Phoenix, Arizona

Dr. Sainz was born in New York and grew up in Gilbert, Arizona. She received her Bachelor of Science at Arizona State University in Biological Sciences and completed research in neuroscience during undergraduate career. She attended medical school at Washington University of Health and Sciences and throughout her schooling she was involved with research in minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Sainz currently resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, stepson and two shih tzus. During her time off she enjoys traveling with her family and spending time outdoors.

Alexander Nowicki

WUHS Graduate 2018 – Anesthesia Medicine – University Tennessee Health Science, Memphis, Tennessee

Upon successful completion of the basic medical science curriculum with excellence, he matriculated into the clinical science program and it became readily apparent he had great potential and was poised to become a capable physician. Joining the clinical science curriculum, he excelled at every level, academically and socially.

He is a leader amongst his peers and is unselfish in offering his time to help other students and remain involved in community events. He excelled in the clinical learning segments of the program and earned the respect, admiration and accolades of his mentors and colleagues. Alexander showed a keen interest in research and has participated in many research electives with the achievements of having 15 publications including two peer reviewed publications. Publications noted as Intra-operative biopsy in chronic sinusitis detects pathogenic Escherichia coli that carry fimG/H, fyuA, and agn43 genes coding biofilm formation (Published in PLOS ONE) and Head and Neck Manifestations of Child Maltreatment Syndrome, tentatively accepted to the journal of Laryngoscope (Authors J. Fortson, R. Su, A. Nowicki, N. Nowicki).  Most recently Alex was first author in an invited book chapter titled “Chronic Sinusitis: The Empiric Treatment Strikes Back: Is CRS Directly Caused by Infectious Agent(s) with favorable reviews.

Tara Hendrickson

WUHS Graduate 2018 – Internal Medicine

Upon successful completion of the basic medical science curriculum with excellence, Tara proceeded into the clinical science program where it became readily apparent she had great potential and was poised to become a capable physician. Throughout her clinical science clerkships, she excelled at every level, academically and socially. She is a leader. She is unselfish in offering her time to help other students and remain involved in community events. She possesses a solid knowledge base that combines well with her extraordinary work ethic causing Tara to stand out among her peers.  She continually earned the respect, admiration and accolades of her mentors and colleagues.

Sabrina Azavedo

WUHS Graduate 2019 – Emergency Medicine – Magnolia Regional Health Center, Corinth, Mississippi

Dr. Azavedo is originally from Portland, Oregon. She went to college at Willamette University, where she studied Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. She earned her associate degree from OHSU/OIT. She earned her Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Walden University. She earned her medical degree from Washington University Health and Science and is beginning her emergency medicine residency in July of 2020 at Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth, Mississippi. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, and soccer. Dr. Azavedo lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her 12-year-old Labrador Chocco. She enjoys spending time with her thirteen nieces and nephews.


Dr. Azavedo has twenty years’ experience in paramedicine, with special interest in becoming and EMS fellow and medical director to paramedics. Dr. Azavedo is currently working tireless to help curb the COVID19 pandemic in Atlanta Georgia with her involvement on the Homeland Security CDC Grady Coronavirus Task Force at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport; is helping lead the American Medical Response task for at Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base; and is lastly helping Partners For Home give resources and lodging to the COVID positive homeless population.

Prior to medical school, she was adjunct clinical lab faculty at OHSU/OIT paramedic education program. She continues to change medicine with involvement OHSU EMS Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium. She has helped school on the island of Dominica become internationally credentialed in teaching AHA CPR, ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS. Has authored articles in environmental pathology, toxicology, and oncology journals and presented at the academic at a National Trauma Conference.

Dr. Azavedo will be in the first inaugural emergency medicine class. In addition to emergency medicine, Dr. Azavedo has significant experience in pre-hospital emergency medicine. She will be the assistant medical director of Magnolia Regional Health Center’s EMS program.

Jasleem Kaur

WUHS Graduate 2019 Pediatrics/ General Medicine – East Midlands Deanery, UK

From an early age, I have been fascinated by the workings of life and I have made the well-being of other people around me my mission. My childhood dream of becoming a doctor was fulfilled at the Washington University of Health and Science. I have been inspired by the faculty and all the healthcare professionals I met throughout the medical course. The school provided me with excellent support, and this made my entire experience of studying at WUHS amazing. I have made many friends and I am very grateful for all the help WUHS offers to their alumni. Their excellent training program has guided me further to shape my career and work as a Junior Doctor in the UK. The opportunities are endless, and the world is waiting not for the success we achieve but what we make of it.