Clinical Experience

What sets WUHS  clinical program apart, however, is the personalized, hands-on support provided by WUHS  faculty at every stage of a student’s clinical rotations.

Small Class . Big Support.

WUHS  small class size, combined with our emphasis on personalized learning, means you’ll receive a level of support and guidance during your clinical rotations that simply can’t be matched by bigger schools—particularly those with classes three and four times as big as WUHS.
At every step of your clinical rotations, WUHS  faculty will be in contact with your attending physicians and preceptors to monitor your progress.

Clinical, Professional, & Personal

WUHS  objective is not only to make sure each student maximizes his or her clinical experience, but also focuses on career planning and personal growth. Additionally, WUHS works with students on the mundane yet vital administrative details that come with clinical rotations, such as housing and scheduling.
The result is that WUHS  students are able to focus fully on their clinical, professional and personal development during this critical phase of their education, knowing the WUHS  team is behind them.
That’s a far cry from the experience at other schools, where students are often on their own once they move on from Basic Sciences.

Hand-Picked Programs & No Waiting

WUHS  extensive clinical network ensures that there is no waiting period for clinical rotations.

  • Modern Systems-Based Curriculum: WUHS’s academic program is based on the modern systems-based approach in use at top U.S. medical schools.
  • Residency Success: WUHS  students achieve residency placements at a rate comparable to many U.S. and Canadian  medical schools
  • Supportive Environment: WUHS  small class sizes and high faculty-to-student ratio creates a supportive learning environment that helps students success
  • Affordability: WUHS low tuition fees
  • USMLE Success: WUHS  students have a first-time pass rate on the critically important USMLE Step 1 exam that’s the equal of U.S. medical schools.
  • Advanced Campus: WUHS  has high-tech classrooms, hands-on labs, and simulation activities with the latest multimedia, instructional technology.
  •  Canada: WUHS  has a top track record of securingclinical rotations and residencies in Canada.
  • On-Campus Pre-Med Program: WUHS pre-med program is taught by the same faculty, and in the same facilities, as our med school program, allowing a seamless transition between programs.
  • Ideal Location: WUHS  is on San Pedro , a beautiful island that offers the perfect blend of tranquility and activity, is easy to get to, and has an island hospital where WUHS students can get clinical experience early in their basic sciences study.