Dean of Clinical Sciences

Dear Future Colleagues,

The medical degree at WUHS provides a broad foundation for the study of health and disease. It is the first stage of of our student’s lifelong commitment to learning as they join the medical profession.
By providing a stimulating and supportive educational environment, WUHS enables the development of the knowledge, skills and values necessary to succeed as a twenty first century physician.

The comprehensive study program encourages our medical students to learn independently, while also working in teams as they will in their future careers. The basic science coursework based on campus in San Pedro encourages critical thinking while developing an ethical attitude toward the practice of medicine. Students gain clinical experience right from the beginning of their coursework in the local clinic in San Pedro.
Later they build on this experience through clinical placements within the University’s extensive network of hospitals throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Washington University of Health and Science welcomes applicants from a wide range of backgrounds and will look favourably on those who have come to medicine through non traditional routes. A smaller medical university that prides itself on providing a friendly supportive environment with high teacher to student ratios.
With Warmest Regards,

Dr. Paul Courtney, MD
Consultant Psychiatrist 
Dean Of Clinical Sciences

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